Here are some pictures of my jewellery. I would love to add pictures that you have taken of you wearing my jewellery and please do feel free to email them to me:



A very special keepsake

A Valentine's present of cufflinks made from a shell found on Iona

A birthday present of shells found on Elie beach made into cufflinks

A leaving present for a colleague from Scotblood

Labodorite and peridot ring

A hammered bangle with a leaf charm

Silver handprint keyring

A handy keyring with a special reminder of your loved ones

Silver shell charm

Sea shells (cowrie shell cufflinks)

I love different charm ideas! 

A hoover! 

Silver leaf earrings

Pyrite and rose gold bangle

Silver shell pendant
Silver shell earrings

A Pelican's foot shell

Recycled bangle and Russian ring necklace using unwanted jewellery

A jelly bean! 

Signature jewellery using someone's handwriting

Signature jewellery to treasure forever