Silverbean Jewellery

After years of picking up shells on beaches in Scotland, getting inspired by leaves and giving silver handprints to friends and family, I decided it was time to focus on making jewellery. My wee beans are growing up and so, finally, Silverbean is here.


I make each piece of jewellery from my small workshop in the garden. I love the way it takes my mind away from the hurly burly of life to focus on crafting something that people look at and say, "Oooh that's beautiful." My favourite is the handprint jewellery, which is totally unique and special to the person that I am making it for. 

I have made jewellery from shells that people have found on beaches which hold a special place in their hearts, or even bits of ceramic or glass they have found on their beach walks. Please contact me if you have any special requests or commissions.

I feel like I have been on holiday after a jewellery session and I hope that these creations take you somewhere too. 

Clare x

Please be aware that now the UK has left the EU, anyone purchasing from outside the UK may be charged customs and VAT duties as their items enter their own country. These duties are set by the government of each country and are outside our control.


Ripple rainbow earrings

Remodelled jewellery

A special commission of shells found on Elie beach

A piece of ceramic found on a beach walk with a mussel shell

Silverbean silver leaf pendant

Leaves leaves

Silverbean silver limpet shell pendant

She sells

Silverbean silver shell earrings

On the sea

Silverbean Silver leaf earrings

Beautiful leaves

Silverbean silver shell pendant

Sea shells

Silverbean silver spiral shell charm